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on architects and their sites

In response to a friend’s link:

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Here’s a handful of theories on why I think architect’s websites [stink]:

1)      We don’t have an adequate marketing budget.

2)      We don’t trust the virtual environment – we’re afraid it’s an illegitimate competitor to our craft.

3)      The last generation of firm owners didn’t play first-person video games.

  1. I learned astonishing lessons from Castle Wolfenstein, Doom, and Unreal.  Never liked Quake.

4)      A built and photographed project is probably 4 years old, maybe 10.  We’ve moved on.  We don’t “do” that type any more.

5)      We’re paranoid about copyright infringement or losing projects-in-progress to competitors.

6)      We’d rather give walking tours.

Great question.  I think what you and I have talked about mediates almost all of these concerns.

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