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local wright and pope

Good morning S and K –

This weekend, my wife and I visited Wright’s “Pope-Leighey” house, outside of D.C.  I thought of your house, and I hope you’re both doing well.  With the relationship that grew between Wright and Pope, I was reminded that great design is a process.  As much as I want you to write me a check and me to give you a thing, I think a good house will take more time.  The good news, as it stands, is that we have plenty of that.

Pope’s house was 1200sf, designed to be on a budget.  It was brilliant and specific and comfortable.  It was described as organic and urban, though unfortunately it had been moved from its original site.

Wright’s use of materials, of course, is textural and natural: glazed brick piers with cypress siding, radiant concrete floor, and light and air from all cardinal directions.  Great options, encouraging inspiration, real warmth and economy.

Wright’s obsessions do make me tired: the dictatorial attention to detail, so many corners, the matching basic furniture.  I can only imagine that living in a usonian masterpiece would drive you to go to a pub to relax and spill something or to go buy a shiny car.

Let me buy you coffee again soon, and let’s sketch a little more.

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