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Multi-Family Architecture & Design at Osterlund Architects

Modern multi-family architecture and interior design for apartments and condominiums are the core of mixed-use development and the greatest demand in our city’s growth. Building modern density in our cities isn’t what it used to be. We don’t want to build extracted mansions anymore, with brick bottoms and cement siding at five stories, surrounded by parking garages. We want new architecture in our southern cities. We want to think about the oldest cities that we love around the world, and we want to think about the ways that cities work together. We want to think about the shopkeeper and their family downstairs living in community with their customers upstairs, while they look through large windows out to the city fabric that they’ve invested themselves to invent.

Multi-family apartments and condominiums are diverse. We invite and appeal to low-income residents with convenient living spaces and all the amenities the city has to offer. We accommodate high-income residents with generous finishes, fixtures and investment opportunities, and all the amenities the city has to offer. Multi-family residential architecture can be diverse in every conceivable way, not just for equal opportunities, but for the ample opportunities that diversity brings to all of us in an economy and a community where the next big thing can come from anywhere.

Osterlund Architects Portfolio Multifamily Title Bar Ocean Ridge Amenity Park

Ocean Ridge Amenity Park

The Ridge Center is a new 10,000 sf single-story amenities building located within Ocean Ridge Plantation, an existing retirement community. This building holds meeting spaces, a large event space, offices, and a congregating library area. Throughout the site is adequate parking, pickleball courts with separate parking, and a new 4,000 sf outdoor pool with a 6,000 sf pool deck. Also included in this project was the renovation of the community’s existing 7,500 sf clubhouse to become a primarily gym-use facility.
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Osterlund Architects Portfolio Multifamily Title Bar North Hills Towne Center Apartments N Clubhouse

North Hills Towne Center Apartments and Clubhouse

The new clubhouse stands at an existing apartment complex where the previous clubhouse had burned down. The previous building footprint was the starting point for the new construction. Our scope of work included architectural services for the new building from schematic design through construction closeout and Interior Design with furniture selection.
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Osterlund Architects is a full-service architecture and interior design firm, committed to our clients and their work from concept through construction, and through to their next opportunity. Our firm has expertise in all project phases, including programming, pre-design and planning through construction administration and closeout, as well as interior design, including furniture, fixtures and equipment (FFE) services.

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