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some would call it spam, but it was about art

Got an email invitation today to a photographer’s exhibit on Fayetteville Street downtown.  The email intro was:

Andy, if you are in downtown Raleigh for lunch today, stop by the

In fact, I was downtown for lunch today, and I stopped in.  The photography was good – large format, specific focus, mix of film capture / digital process / digital print on photo media.  Great urban views, great collage of person / place / artifacts.  They were good, a couple were very good.  If I had two thousand dollars in my pocket, I might have bought one, but since I only had one, I didn’t.  For info on the exhibit, click HERE.

But the redundancy was very nice: walked from my office, through pedestrian crosswalks, into an atrium lobby to see photographs of pedestrian crosswalks and atrium lobbies.  Like looking into a mirror, living in a palindrome.

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