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blogpost – transition again

This is a first attempt at working through some news. There’s a good deal to process here, but then again, not that much.

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To be technical, OsterlundHall is being dissolved. The intention at this point, the plan for Monday morning, is that AOArch will brush off four months of dust and resume operation under the old name.

The processes here are over my head, and in my heart in many ways. I’m not entirely sure what happened, and I’m not entirely sure what the law or the accountants will require to sort this out. It shouldn’t be very hard, but there are procedures.

I fully expected the similarities to win out over the differences. And yet, we’re back into a season of transition.

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And so, we have a few needs. First, [I] am hiring. Hiring is always that search for the unique individual who can tolerate this precarious sense of persistence and purpose, without any guarantees. Second, I’m afraid there will be some burden on my friends, as we try to carry heavy things and move to the new location, and probably through a fair amount conversation, of coffee and beer, before and after work respectively.

Please keep in touch! Please stop by our new office on or after the 1st of September. We’ll try to get it cleaned up in time to show off on a Friday night soon, and I look forward to things to come.

Andrew Osterlund AIA LEED AP

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Osterlund Architects is a full-service architecture and interior design firm, committed to our clients and their work from concept through construction, and through to their next opportunity. Our firm has expertise in all project phases, including programming, pre-design and planning through construction administration and closeout, as well as interior design, including furniture, fixtures and equipment (FFE) services.

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