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Blogpost – Sidewalks

Took a risk this morning and shared a sidewalk with a man whom I thought I recognized. He had the same beard, he was the same build, but I was wrong. He was somebody else.

As further proof that we run in small circles within the city, the sidewalk-man turned out to be someone I did know, a proprietor and sponsor of two of my favorite Raleigh restaurants, and the bearded man I thought I would be walking with is now sitting at an adjacent table here at Morning Times. It’s Friday, after all, the world is still spinning, and I am very close to the center.

This blog has been an attempt at transparency in business. In full disclosure, I maintain the theory that honest relationships yield new work: it’s entrepreneurship in the only way I understand. There are risks with disclosure, there are admonishments about pearls and swine, but there are risks also with keeping secrets, and we may all be swine among pearls.

AOArch is starting some difficult negotiations on a number of fronts. There’s a temptation to make negotiations a sport. I understand that in many scenarios, negotiation is an art. To be art, there must be beauty. In sports, both teams have to play by the rules. So, here’s to beauty and the rules, and nevermind anything else.

The sidewalk-man told me he recently got a call from a friend, offering him a new opportunity, while he had 38 cents left in his pocket. We look forward to having 38 cents, but we regularly get calls from friends. Thanks to all the friends who have called this week.

Thanks for reading, keep your eyes out for new work around you, stay involved, and keep in touch.

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